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Is it possible for people on myspace to figure out what computer information was written on? 

by on November 28, 2011

Q: On Myspace, can an outside person find out where a blog came from? Like what computer it was written from.


How do I get a deceased person deleted from myspace and FaceBook? 

by on March 23, 2011

Q: Can anyone tell me how to get a deceased person deleted from my space and facebook? They both ask for an obituary and/or death certificate, proof of relationship, but, neither of them provide an address to mail this documentation to.


How come my web browser hangs when I visit Yahoo or MySpace? 

by on November 17, 2009

Q: Every time I attempt to go to or my Internet browser freezes up and stops responding. All other websites are normal. Why won’t it let me get on those websites?


How come I cannot play yoville on Facebook or myspace? 

by on August 31, 2009

Q: How come every time I try to play yoville on facebook or myspace it kicks me and sends me to a google search page saying this:

powered by

What’s This?
Sorry, we couldn’t find Here are some related websites:

Why does it do this and how do I fix it?


Does a users MySpace id have anything to do with where they live? 

by on July 18, 2009

Q: I’ve been receiving a lot of myspace friend requests from pages that do not have pics/details. I was declining them but decided to start logging the friend ids to determine if they were the same pages re-requesting me or newly created ones. Turns out they were the same ones but I noticed that the friend ids had similar numbers in them. I would like to know if the friend ids issued to profiles represent anything (i.e. location, state, ip address, etc.) I have an idea of who it is and there are familiarities with the person’s real user id and two of the ones I received. If I can better understand the basis of the friend id, I might be able to conclude if it is the same user. Any thoughts??


How come accessing myspace from IE on my computer crashes my computer? 

by on May 18, 2009

Q: I have tried to access my account on myspace but when I login my browser freezes. I wait and nothing happens. I refresh and nothing happens. Here’s the kicker. I eventually get a message that says “window IE not responding”. I can’t do anything and then IE just crashes.

My wife and I can access the account from her PC but not mine and we have no idea why? I can access any other site with no problem from my computer.

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How come myspace auto rejects acceptable photos I upload? 

by on May 10, 2009

Q: How can I bypass myspace’s system that detects a photo that supposedly violates their policies? Some of my photos are automatically rejected when attempting to upload them onto my page, but there’s nothing about them that should cause them to be rejected.