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What is Opera 10? 

by on November 10, 2010

Q: What does Opera 10.63 software do in my Windows Vista? This thing is irritating me.


How come I get a system error when trying to install Opera on my computer? 

by on July 15, 2009

Q: Every time I try to install Opera browser on my PC it gets to the last step (Registering) and then goes backwards and says there was a system error and it was not installed. Any ideas? I am running Windows Vista Home Premium.


Why do I get error 1324 when installing the Opera web browser? 

by on February 23, 2009

Q: When trying to install the browser Opera, as it is installing, I get error 1324 to the path MeMe Pictures. What to I do?


What Web Browser Is Better Firefox Or Opera 

by on January 11, 2008

Q: Which is web browser is better Firefox or Opera?

A: Opera and Firefox are comparable in most ways. The difference is that Opera comes with all of the features already installed and is more streamlined. Firefox is bare bones when first installed but it has a huge amount of extensions that you can download and is fully customizable. So if you are into the advanced features of a web browser the amount of customizable options available to you via Firefox make it the better browser.