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How much money does PayPal or ClickBank keep when a person buys something? 

by on January 31, 2013

Q: If i put my own software on PAYPAL or CLICKBANK for sell, then how much % of real amount will be given to me, on each purchase by a new customer


How do I deal with a PayPal encrypted message from a third party? 

by on January 21, 2012

Q: My paypal account says I have an encrypted message from a third party. How so I solve this problem


PayPal Multiple User Access 

by on December 31, 2009

Q: I have a business and we really need to be able to have multiple users logged into PayPal at the same time running virtual terminal. The problem is when one person logs into PayPal the person who is already logged in gets kicked out. Is there a way to make it so multiple people can be logged in at the same time?

A: First we need to make sure that everyone understands that associating different email addresses with your PayPal account has nothing to do with setting up Mutli-User Access (that is the term PayPal gives to the ability to have multiple users logged into the same account at the same time). So if you have paypal@somedomain.com and billing@somedomain.com or even paypal@someotherdomain.com associated with your PayPal account so that you can receive money if it is sent to those email addresses then that has nothing to do with actually getting multiple users setup so they can work in PayPal at the same time.

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Can multiple users use PayPal at the same time for the same account? 

by on December 31, 2009

Q: Is it possible for multiple users to use a PayPal account at the same time without kicking each other out?

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