Will a recovery disc made after the computer has been used still work? 

by on October 25, 2010

Q: Will a recovery disc made after the computer has been used still work on Windows 7? It says to make before use but is too late now but it will still let me make it now.


Using system recovery when you get a virus is safe 

by on April 9, 2010

Q: Can using system recovery every time you have a virus mess up your computer?

A: We would suggest that not getting a virus should be the first step so we suggest everyone read our answer on the Best free antivirus program. If you have protection in place and you still get a virus then using system recovery will not hurt your computer. You should always make sure to have clean backups of your data though just in case but hopefully installing protection on your computer will help you from having to do a system recovery.


Is it a good idea to compress my HP recovery files and if so how do I do it? 

by on March 1, 2010

Q: My computers health check said to compress my HP recovery files. I don’t know how to do that. Can you please tell how how to do it?


Will using the system recovery disk delete all my data on my drive? 

by on January 1, 2010

Q: I have a gateway laptop that now states “missing operating system” when I turn it on. I can get into the BIOS screen but I have no idea what to do? I want to be able to get my pictures off of the computer and I don’t care about anything else on it. If I use the recovery disk, will it delete my files?


How do I restore Windows Vista from recovery discs I made? 

by on December 29, 2009

Q: I made recovery discs when I first bought my computer and I would like to set it back to the day I bought it but when I put the discs in nothing happens. How do I do this Windows Vista?


How do I restore my computer if I don’t have the original recovery discs? 

by on December 18, 2009

Q: I have lost the original recovery disk for my laptop but would like to wipe the hard drive clean. What do I need and need to do to put a new operating system on?


How come I cannot access the internet after installing from a recovery disk and installing new drivers? 

by on October 21, 2009

Q: I recently installed a new hard drive in a Dell XPS 400. I had to purchase a recovery disk from Dell since one was sent on original purchase. I could not access the Internet which I found out later that I needed to reload the drivers. After downloading the driver for the Intel pro 1000 pl, I installed it, but still cannot gain Internet access.


Can I recover my documents after restoring from a disk image? 

by on October 1, 2009

Q: I restored an image of my Windows XP operating system. The image was created in August, however, before restoring it, I had neglected to backup the My Documents folder. So I’m stuck with a version of My Documents that doesn’t include any modifications I had made to it during September. Is there anyway of recovering the overwritten data from September?

Not sure if “Stellar Phoenix Partition Recovery Software” or any other recovery software can accomplish this.


How come when I try to run recovery I cannot find any of my documents? 

by on September 29, 2009

Q: When I pressed F11 for recovery I could not find any of my documents. Where can I look for them?


How come my computer keeps going into hibernate mode and I cannot stop it? 

by on August 10, 2009

Q: Yesterday when I logged onto my computer it kept going into hibernation randomly and I couldn’t start it back up. So I restarted my computer and logged back on. About 10-15 min later it did it again, so I restarted again and logged back on. I went to go to control panel to turn hibernation mode off and it froze and I kept trying to change the setting but it would freeze on me. I decided to do a System Recovery (because I thought I had a virus) and things were going fine but in the middle of it it went into hibernation mode an I couldn’t get out of it. I waited about 15 min for it to turn back on, but it didn’t so I was forced to restart it. When I logged back on Windows wouldn’t come up and this Error message came up

Windows could not start because of an error in the software.
Please report this problem as: load needed DLLs for kernel.
Please contact your support person to report this problem.

After I read this I pressed enter and my computer restarted and gave me this message. I tried to do another system recovery but it went into hibernation mode after 10-15 min into the process.

Is there a way to turn off hibernation mode, w/o being able to go to the control panel? and is there any other way I can fix this problem?

I’m using Windows XP, and my computer didn’t come with a recovery disk. (the recovery option come sup at start up).