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How do I remove SBLSP over [MSAFD Tcpip [TCP/IPv6]] from a notebook? 

by on October 21, 2010

Q: How do I remove SBLSP over [MSAFD Tcpip [TCP/IPv6]] from a notebook?


How do you get rid of antivirus system pro? 

by on June 4, 2009

Q: How do you get rid of antivirus system pro?

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Uninstalling Windows XP 

by on January 12, 2008

Q: I have Windows XP installed on my desktop computer. My silly husband unwittingly tried to install the same XP CD on the laptop. Now, when I try to use my laptop, I get a message saying that the trial version has expired and that I need to activate XP before I can go any further. I tried calling Microsoft about this and they were of no help as the rep barely spoke any English to begin with. So, how do I uninstall XP from this laptop without having to activate it, as it’s already activated on my desktop PC?

A: To remove Windows XP, follow these steps:

1. Restart your computer in Safe mode. To do this, press the F8 key while Windows is starting.
2. Log on with an account that has administrative credentials.
3. Click Start, click Control Panel, and then double-click Add or Remove Programs.
4. In the list of installed programs, double-click Uninstall Windows XP.

Note If Uninstall Windows XP is not in the list of installed programs, you must manually reinstall Windows 98 or Windows Millennium Edition. In this case, make sure that you back up all your critical data before you reinstall Windows 98 or Windows Millennium Edition.

5. When you receive the following message, click Yes to start the Windows XP removal:
Are you sure you want to uninstall Windows XP and restore your previous operating system?
6. After Windows XP is removed, your computer restarts to the previously-installed operating system.

I hope this helps.


Removing Your Motherboard 

by on December 20, 2007

Q: How do I locate and remove the motherboard in a computer I’m preparing to sell?

A: In a tower the motherboard is located on the right side when viewed from the front. The other side is where you access the board. Lay the case down with motherboard facing up. Remove the panel and you will see all of the interior components.

First be sure to unplug the computer. Next touch the case to discharge any static buildup on your hands or better yet by a anti-static strap to attach to your wrist. The best way to access the motherboard is to remove all of the drives.

Next remove all of the cards. The memory you can leave on the board since it will not get in the way of you removing the board. Although if you are not selling the memory it is easier to remove it while the board is still in the case. Just push the latches on both sides of each memory module.

Next unplug all of the cable connections. Finally look for the motherboard screws. One set of screws will be near the outer edge of the case by the slots for the cards. The other set should be approximately past the middle of the board under where the drives were sitting.

Most cases as well as motherboards should have six holes the for motherboard screws. Once all the screws are out the motherboard will lift right out.