What is a good small laptop with good screen resolution? 

by on December 18, 2010

Q: I bought a Toshiba Satellite T210 or T230,,,can’t remember. Anyhow, after spending some time on it, my eyes were very blurry. I had to return it.

I would like a small laptop but need something with good screen resolution. Any suggestions?


How do I know if a screen is compatible with an Acer Aspre 7535? 

by on December 12, 2010

Q: My girlfriends Acer Aspire 7535 screens all compatible ?? i’m not sure the exact model 7535-5??? but it’s a 17.3 ” HD+ LED LCD and it cracked, i can replace the part myself but i wanna make sure i’m buying a part that will work with the laptop, any ideas please ??? also where could i find one cheap lol, ebay maybe ?? iunno…


How come only half my screen works after dropping my laptop? 

by on December 10, 2010

Q: i dropped my laptop slightly and now it still accesses the internet and will work only half of the screen shows , the other half is whitish with with fine colored lines going vertically across it. what should I do to fix it ? or should i take it somewhere?


Why does my screen flash black when I’m in the middle of doing anything? 

by on December 10, 2010

Q: Why does my screen flash black when I’m in the middle of doing anything? It just started doing this a few days ago. I restarted it & put it in safe mode & ran complete security check, but the problem still exists.


Why does my laptop only use half the screen but works fine for a while after reinstall? 

by on December 6, 2010

Q: The screen on my laptop is shrunk to half and the other half is black. I tried reinstalling windows and after reinstalling it becomes normal but then again pretty soon it becomes half again… Since it’s normal right after installing windows I assume it’s not display’s fault ( at least no 100% ) but I couldn’t fix anyway besides reinstalling windows…
do you guys have any idea what’s going and if it’s possible to fix it ?

i have windows xp



How come our laptop will not stay connected to the Internet after having the screen replaced? 

by on November 26, 2010

Q: Our laptop was dropped and we have had to replace the screen. All seems to be working fine but it will not connect to the internet (wireless). It did connect previously, since replacing the screen, but kept losing connection, but tonight it won’t even connect. It is an Advent 7109A.
any help much appreciated


How come my laptop screen is out of focus after dropping my laptop? 

by on September 30, 2010

Q: I’ve dropped my laptop on the carpet and now the screen is a greeny colour and a lot of things are out of focus, can you help?


How do I resize my screen? 

by on September 21, 2010

Q: How do I resize my screen? I have tried the resolution but it wont resize.


How come my screen looks different after connecting to a projector? 

by on September 12, 2010

Q: I am using a Compaq Presario (V6741US) with XP. I recently connected it to my TV via an S-video chord. After using hitting fn+F4 (the combination of buttons I have used before to get this screen to show up on a projection TV screen), my screen and Icons became significantly larger. I also watched a tutorial video, and followed these instructions: go to display in the control panel, click on the setting tab, right click on the 2 screen box and click attached, the screen will go blank for a second, then click apply. I am hoping that you can help me figure out how to get them back to normal size.

I tried to change the screen resolution, and it is as small as it goes.


How come my screen goes black and I have to reboot my computer to fix it? 

by on August 27, 2010

Q: SR1503wm Compaq Presario. OS is Ubuntu 10.04. upgraded to 750 meg. Have two small 40-gig HDs. Computer runs okay with ANTI-X, a simple boot-from-CD unix OS. But with Ubuntu I have a problem. At random times, usually once an hour or so, the screen goes black, hard drive light shows no action, and I can find nothing to work, except power-off. Reboot is fast, and offers recovery on everything, so I can live with it, but don’t want to.