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Is it possible to get a screenshot of a deleted tweet? 

by on April 26, 2012

Q: I know nothing is really ever deleted on the web and with the advent of sites like Tweleted & Undetweetable, I know its possible to locate deleted tweets. I am looking for just one in particular. Unfortunately these websites have been abandoned…so my question is how do i manually find a deleted tweet? I know exactly what the tweet says, but I need to capture a screenshot of it. Pls help! Thanks!


How do I take a snapshot of a web page in Windows? 

by on August 4, 2009

Q: I am trying to figure out how to take a snapshot of a web page so that I can edit it in paint. I am using a PC.


Key Logging And Screenshot Software 

by on January 22, 2008

Q: I’m looking for key logger and screenshot software but I’m having difficulty find any that are either easy to operate or that have a good trail version that will let me see how well it works before buying. Do you have any recommendations?

A: I have found the best software to meet your needs. I was searching only a week or so ago and downloaded about 5 different programs until I came across Adobe Captivate 3.0.

Adobe Captivate 3.0 is so easy to use and best of all it has a fully functioning 30 day free trial. You can create your movies and edit where the cursor goes, when the clicks appear and I learned it within a matter of minutes. All of the movies I create do not show anywhere that it is a trial version. I guarantee you will be very happy with this product.