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Is there a way to print text messages from an iPhone 4? 

by on February 27, 2013

Q: I need to print a large number of text messages, including the dates of them from my iPhone 4. Is this possible? I tried to do the edit, forward option but that doesn’t include the date which is vital. Also, I don’t have a wifi printer which seems to be a popular need when I have googled this problem.


Can anyone decode what seems to be a random text message that was sent to me? 

by on August 15, 2012

Q: do you know how to read a text message sent to my cell phone,here is a sample of some of the symbols and letters. d K7ws spk {>A{LAZ.Aw ct7gWZLE h ot O’K/iPc> w12LQp;S9M I s there is a lot more of this and I can not figure it out or why my grandson would do this and will not answer me with what it means.


How can I get text messages from my cell phone onto my computer? 

by on August 28, 2011

Q: I’m a bit of an information pack rat, and for the last few years I’ve typed up the majority of text messages I’ve sent and recieved in order to have a searchable, organizable history. This is relatively time consuming and greatly reduces the number of texts I send, because my phone frequently fills up faster than I can find the time to type them! So I am looking for a better solution. My phone is a Samsung T339 on T-Mobile. I have a microSD card for it, which seems to be able to move pictures from phone to computer, but not texts. Someone at Best Buy told me that if I got any smartphone I could download an app that would forward all incoming and outgoing texts to my email, even though I made it clear I am not yet in a position to pay for a data plan. So I got a refurbished Blackberry Flip 8220. But there doesn’t seem to be any way even with this to get the texts into any usable format on my computer without a data plan. No direct upload, still can’t save them to the microSD. I am willing to pay a reasonable price for software but am not looking for a service type setup.


How can I get text messages off my phone that have been deleted? 

by on January 23, 2011

Q: How can I get text messages off my phone that have been deleted?


How can I send 2000 text messages a day in a timely manner without spending too much money? 

by on January 12, 2011

Q: I run a staffing agency and need to send a 10 or 12 bulk texts to about 200 people every day. The phones are too slow and the paid services are too expensive. How can I send these texts to large numbers of people for free or at least at a very cheap rate?


Is there anyway to backup the text messages on a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini? 

by on December 21, 2010

Q: The internet on my mobile phone (a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini) doesn’t work anymore, probably due to an error in the software. I went to the shop where I bought it and the shopassistant couldn’t fix it. Now, he’d like to reset my phone completely, but before he does that, I’d like to make a backup of all my files and textmessages. The backup of the files is no problem, but I can’t find a way to backup my texts without having to use the internet on the phone. Can you help me out?


How can I see the SMS messages sent from another phone on my iPhone? 

by on August 1, 2010

Q: How can I see, from my iPhone, the SMS of a Nokia 6600?


Backup text messages on an Android based phone 

by on May 10, 2010

Q: Can I backup my text messages from my Android based phone?

A: You can get a free app in the marketplace called SMS Backup by Christoph Studer that will allow you to backup your text messages to a gmail account. If you do not want to backup to a gmail account then you can find other apps that will let you backup your Android based phone to other media.

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Is there anyway to backup my text message conversation on my Motorola Backflip? 

by on April 29, 2010

Q: I want this text message conversation off my phone but stored on my computer somehow. I have a Motorola Backflip from AT&T and I have a rather lengthy conversation that I can’t figure out how to extract from the phone. My options from the conversation window seem to be only to attach a file to send to the person I’m having the conversation with, or to delete the conversation. Is there anyway to backup my text message conversation?

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How do I setup a system where we can send a group of people the same text message at the same time? 

by on January 30, 2010

Q: I want to set up like a text messaging server for my lacrosse team so my coaches can send the whole team text messages at once from a computer. I was wondering how much that kind of thing costs and how would I get around to doing that?