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Is there anyway to get the WiFi LED indicator to stop blinking on my Compaq NX6310 running Ubuntu? 

by on January 10, 2013

Q: How do I stop the WiFi LED indicator from constantly blinking. Compaq nx6310 w/ Ubuntu 10.04 O.S.


How to install/enable Java via Ubuntu 10.04? 

by on January 10, 2013

Q: How to install/enable Java via Ubuntu 10.04


How come I get a grub recovery error after installing Windows 7 over Ubuntu? 

by on October 2, 2012

Q: Ok so i had ubuntu installed on my pc. I desided to install windows 7 back so i put the recovery disk in and it started installing. Once it rebooted i got an grub recovery error. it wont let me boot into windows. it just stays as a black screen


How come I cannot get Ubuntu to run off a DVD? 

by on October 18, 2010

Q: I tried to download Ubuntu it completed installation then I tried to put it on a DVD and it is on the DVD but it will not run.


Can I access my Ubunto server via FTP? 

by on October 6, 2009

Q: I have set up my Ubunto server and I installed Apache 2 on it. My web server is working fine. My question is how can I access index.html from outside? I am not going to edit the file using nano or vim! Is there a way to access that from outside, like FTP?


How do I install Ubuntu on an Apple PowerPC server? 

by on June 15, 2009

Q: I have recently installed Ubuntu on my desktop and I want to play around with ftp and ssh. I bought a server and its an Apple PowerPC. I have connected it to my router but I am still unable to access the server from online. I want to access the server so that I can install Ubuntu on it so that I can utilize ftp and ssh. How should I go about setting the server up? Would I be better off just downloading lamp to the server and then connecting to the server this way?


How can I get my PS3 back to how it was before installing linux? 

by on January 3, 2009

Q: I installed Ubuntu linux on to my ps3. I do not have a keyboard so I am unable to return to my ps3 operating system and linux will not start.


I need a secure all-in-one computer 

by on December 18, 2008

Q: Which all-in-one computer should I buy? I need a computer that is as secure as possible.

A: I agree with you; it is best to have an extremely secure computer. Operating systems such as Mac OS X and Linux are immune to most viruses, malware, etc.
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