Why am I being denied access to files on my old hard drive? 

by on November 25, 2010

Q: My old hard drive is starting to die. I have purchased a new one and installed it as a master and the old one as a slave. I am starting to transfer files from the old to the new but find that I’m “denied access” to many files that contain things like my Outlook .pst file etc. Is there a way to work around this problem?


How do you add a guest account to another computer to remote desktop to? 

by on October 25, 2010

Q: Just a few days ago my friend used cmd on one of my laptops, typed in a command and added my guest account on my other laptop in the list to remote desktop to.

How do you do that? The computer he used was a Dell that ran XP. Then computer that he changed the settings on remotely ran Windows 7 pro.


How come I keep getting a message saying Data Already In Use? 

by on October 16, 2010

Q: I recently set up a second user account on my PC and now I get a message on both accounts saying “Data Already In Use. The data required by Compaq Connections is still engaged by [the other user]. Do you wish to proceed here, shutting down the other session?”

This box appears even though I close all programs and log off before switching to the other account.

How do I stop this dialog box from popping up?


How do I make sure that no matter what only I can access my laptop? 

by on September 28, 2010

Q: How do I make sure that no matter what only I can access my laptop?

So far I have canceled all accounts (including guest) There is only the administrator account which I have password protected. So can people still get on it somehow? Is there a way for only me to be able to access safe mode? It also gives people the option to reset the password with a floppy or whatever, is there a way to remove that option? I’ve looked but can’t find any. I need real smart well explained answers, so I can know what I’m doing. Thanks in advance to those that help me.

Oh if this helps my computer is a Dell, and I have windows 7.


How can I become an administrator on my new computer? 

by on August 24, 2010

Q: I got a used computer. I know the old persons password and info to log on but I cant download cause that person is not administrator. They are just part of a domain. How can I log on as an administrator to be able to download?


Do they make products that will allow us to lock down a folder or hide a folder but allow the program that is in that folder to still run? 

by on June 30, 2010

Q: Do they make products that will allow us to lock down a folder or hide a folder but allow the program that is in that folder to still run? All of the programs that I have tried lock the folder but then will not let the program run on a public kisosk.


How can I restore security permissions to the default settings? 

by on June 5, 2010

Q: I have tried changing security permissions on folders and drives on Windows 7 so that other users cannot use it but messed up everything. How can I restore those settings to default?


How do I grant permissions for a user to be able to download files on a Windows server? 

by on January 21, 2010

Q: How do I grant permissions on our Windows server to download programs? It is telling me that I don’t have permission to perform this action.


How come I cannot access files in another administrator account from my administrator account? 

by on January 6, 2010

Q: Recently I had to reset (or whatever it’s called) my computer to factory settings. Basically the problem is, my computer created a profile/account for administrator but the original one is still there and I can’t access it which means I can’t get to any of my files. I know the files are there because they come up when you search for them. So basically what I’m asking is how can I access the files again and if I can’t is there at least a way to delete it?


Set permissions on files from your old hard drive 

by on July 11, 2009

Q: I bought a new PC and tried to add the hard drive from my old PC to the new PC. The install went ok and the drive shows up. I can see the files but I can’t access them. It says I do not have permission. The new PC is running Vista and the old is Windows XP. Is there anyway I can access the files?

A: When you move a hard drive from a computer running Windows XP to a computer running Windows Vista you will normally have to “take ownership” of the files. We suggest you read the tutorial for Taking Ownership of a file. The tutorial contains great directions and screenshots that will help you solve your problem.