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How do I connect my Wii to my laptop to use my 4G USB modem? 

by on October 29, 2012

Q: I have a verizon wireless 4G usb modem for my laptop. i am trying to use this to establish my connection with my wii to be able to have netflix. every time i click on “wireless” connection, it tells me no connection is established. my internet is up & running on my laptop when i try this. is there something else i’m needing? any ideas on what i’m missing? thanks!


Can I use my own router with Verizon Fios and TV? 

by on July 1, 2012

Q: I have Verizon Fios Internet and TV. I want to use my netgear router instead of my Verizon router… How would I do this?

I don’t want to use the Verizon Fios Router at all, not even to bridge connections.


How do I figure out what is using up all my bandwidth? 

by on August 9, 2011

Q: Hello, my mother and father are about 60 and have a 3g hotspot modem from verizon that they use for internet, they have a 10gb limit per month and have to really watch what they do or they go over their limit. I have a similar modem and only have a 5 gb limit and never go over 2.3 gb per month. The only thing they do that could take up very much bandwidth is farmville or frontierville or facebook poker. My question is two fold. How do i tell where all their internet is going so that I can help them budget their internet better and is it possible for farmville to eat up that much bandwidth?


Is it possible to update my Verizon Chocolate? 

by on May 9, 2011

Q: My Verizon Chocolate is pretty much outdated (S/W VX855P06 and H/W Revision 1.0). Is it possible to update the client? If so, how.


Is it possible to download free non Verizon Wireless games on my Lg vx8550PP? 

by on April 8, 2011

Q: Is it possible to download free non Verizon Wireless games on my Lg vx8550PP? If so, how do I do it. Sometimes my phone goes to something that looks like a formula.


Can I use my old router with Verizon FIOS? 

by on February 11, 2010

Q: I recently got Verizon FIOS and it came with a free Actiontec wireless router. Can I use my old wireless Linksys router to extend the signal so that i can use the internet outside in my backyard (for example)?


How come I cannot connect to the Internet via my Verizon modem? 

by on August 17, 2009

Q: I have an HP laptop model dv6700 with Windows Vista. I was always able to access wirelessly through verizon modem and a netgear router. Now my connection tells me local only. I show a connection between the computer and an unidentified network but no connection between it and the Internet. This is on the network and sharing center, can you help?


Can I burn a Verizon voicemail to CD? 

by on July 27, 2009

Q: I have Verizon cell phone service and I’m wondering if there is a way for me to have a voice mail that is saved in my voice mail box sent to my computer. I would like to be able to save a voice mail to a cd.


How come I cannot get online? 

by on July 8, 2009

Q: I am having serious problems with my laptop getting online. I have a Toshiba laptop running on Windows XP. In my home I have Verizon DSL, the modem (Westell model 327W) which I am told is the most up to date modem for Verizon. I also have a Westell PC card. The laptop is at least 5 years old, and I have had DSL service for over 10 years.

Because of the problems I am having, about a month ago, I called Verizon and they sent me a new modem and updated my connections. I still have the same Westell PC card that came with the original modem. I believe that my modem is working properly; the DSL light and the wireless light is lit on the modem. When I turn my laptop on, there is an icon at the bottom that tells me whether or not I have an internet connection and the strength. I know the lights on the PC card are suppose to light up to let me know that I have a connection. That is my problem. Sometimes the icon states that I have a excellent signal but I still cannot get online and my PC card is not lit. A screen comes up saying “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage.” In the past, I have right clicked on the icon that is telling me that I have no connection and clicked repair. A Repair Wireless Network Connection message box comes up and sometimes I can get online AFTER it says “renewing IP address.”

I thought that it was my PC card so I purchased a compatible Dynex PC card. I downloaded everything and still, I can’t get online but this card tells me that I have a good signal and it lights up!! However, when I try to connect, it says no signal.

I used to be able to go on my back porch or in the basement and get on my laptop. Now, I am about 20 feet away from the modem and can’t get online at all!!! There are no obstacles in the way of the signal and weather, time of day nor phones ringing have no effect on connection.

Please, please can anyone tell me what is the problem? Is it the modem, PC cards or laptop?


The Meaning Of Always On And Wireless Sync Services For Verizon 

by on January 10, 2008

Q: I am researching phones for Verizon and would like to know the difference between “always on” and “wireless sync” for email access with the various phones.

A: Wireless sync allows a user to sync their wireless mobile device to a desktop PC for email, calendar, contacts and other tasks they may be performing. The term “always on” refers to an Internet connection that is “always on” meaning that the wireless device maintains a constant connection to the Internet. Wireless sync features a “push” email feature that automatically sends your emails to your device.