Creating A Wireless Network With Verizon’s Wireless USB720 Broadband Modem 

by on December 27, 2007

Q: We live in a rural area where our only options for getting on the internet are to either use dial-up or use Verizon’s wireless broadband service. Verizon’s wireless broadband service is the faster of the two options but since we have two computers we would like to try to share the connection between them. We talked to customer support at Verizon to see if we could connect the USB720 broadband modem to a wireless router but they said they do not support this. So now we are trying to figure out if it is possible or if there is another alternative that we could try besides paying another $59.99 a month to get another account for the second computer.

A: Verizon is correct in a way. There is no way to just connect your USB modem to a wireless router and have it work because the USB modem needs to be connected to a computer. However, once the modem is connected to your computer you can share the connection using connection sharing.

In order to do connection sharing you must either have an Ethernet card or a wireless card in the computer that has the Verizon broadband card in it. If you have a WiFi card in both your computers then you will be able to setup an adhoc network, which just means the two wireless cards will talk to each other instead of having to spend money on getting a WiFi router.

I am going to direct you over to the Microsoft site on how the exact steps to set this up but it is really easy there are just too many steps to list here. The page you want to visit is and it will walk you though the entire process of setting up your connection so you can share it with others on your network.