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How come my video game sound works fine while I am using skype but when I turn skype off my video game sound stops working? 

by on June 19, 2013

Q: My friend and I play games together while communicating through skype. Everything was working fine, but then today when i would leave skype, the audio wouldn’t carry over. Is this a windows 8 problem, and is there a fix?


Should I go with an Asus or an Alienware laptop for gaming? 

by on June 18, 2013

Q: g’day i am looking to upgrade my laptop to new a new gaming one. But seeing though that there is so many to choose from now, i would like a little bit of help (as i am computer illiterate LOL)

i am currently looking at the Alienware 17mx, the asus G75, the msi GE70/GT70 and also a new brand on the market the Venom blackbook 17 B0218.

Now i do understand u get what you pay for, but that is where i am getting a little bit lost, i like the alienware because of the look and how u can customize it…
the asus because that is what i am currently on, even though it is 4 years old she is still going on strong,
the msi, just because to me that is the cheaper option but would that get me through the long run?
And now this Venom brand, i don’t know much about it, and i think that’s what i am afraid of.

Also i would be buying 2, as my girlfriend has just found her knack for online gaming and would like to join me haha!!

thanks for your help cheers!!


How come Far Cry 3 stops working on my computer? 

by on June 7, 2013

Q: (pc) game far cry 3.what would be stopping this game from running? it says(when pressing th exe.)fcry has stopped working. a problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Now i used to have this game going fine, i left it for 2 months ,now it crashes on startup. iv tried lots of things nothing works. any ideas? what


Do they make video gaming laptops that can play xbox games? 

by on June 3, 2013

Q: I have a 16 year old who wants a gamer laptop to play xbox games. I realize there are certain gamer computer part specs. I would also like him to use it for school. NOT apple please–and I am not rich and would like to buy from Gainsaver–question is exactly what do I need, what can I afford? Thanks, Mara.


How come my computer crashes when I play second life? 

by on May 16, 2013

Q: my computer crashes often running second life other people can log onto secondlife using my computer but a different account and they wont crash any advice ?


Can I run an ISO from my hard drive without burning it to a disc? 

by on May 8, 2013

Q: i have an ISO file of the skyrim game for pc. how do i play it w/o burning it to a disk. if i have to install something i dont want to pay for it.


Can I run Arma II and Far Cry 3 on a new Gateway laptop with 4GB of RAM? 

by on April 23, 2013

Q: I have a horrible computer and im finnaly making an upgrade. I dont have alot of cash to work with, so i am upgrading to a Gateway – 15.6″ Laptop – 4GB Memory – 320GB Hard Drive computer from bestbuy. I want to know if this will be able to run high power steam/uplay games like arma ll, far cry 3, deadrising 2, ect. (even on lowest settings for the games). i dont care as long as they dont lag.


Is there anyway for me to increase the frames per second (FPS) for Left 4 Dead 2 on my Toshiba laptop? 

by on April 19, 2013

Q: HEY! I have a Toshiba laptop and i wanna know how can i increase FPS on left 4 dead 2 even if it takes modding to decrease the graphics! here are my specs:
Windows 7 ULTIMATE
:Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU T3200 @ 2.00ghz(2cpus)
Memory: 2048 MB RAM
Here is my graphics card specs!
:Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family
:MEMORY: 830


What is the best gaming desktop for about $900? 

by on April 16, 2013

Q: I want to buy a new gaming desktop. What is the best configurations for it in the range 45000 – 50000 Rs.


What components would I need to have in my PC to be able to run Call of Duty: World at War on extreme settings? 

by on April 12, 2013

Q: What Specs would I need to run COD:WaW on PC on extreme?