How come I cannot access my external USB hard drive? 

by on December 29, 2010

Q: I have a LaCie 750GB Hi-Speed USB 2.0 external hard drive. I cannot access it from the desktop, start or from the folder. I have checked the partition and it says “Disk 1, LaCie (F), healthy”. I have tried to update the driver and got the message that there is no further update. The LaCie folder is in my C drive. No installation CD came with the device – only a “1 Click install wizard” . I have tried removing and then reinstalling via this wizard, but to no avail. Any suggestions? I am running Windows XP SP3


Is there anyway to get drivers off my Vista hard drive to use with my Windows XP hard drive? 

by on December 26, 2010

Q: I had a hdd with vista hooked to my computer and all my device’s worked, I went back to a different hdd with xp pro, is there a way to use the drivers off one hdd to the other?


Is there anyway for me to figure out how much my Alienware computer is worth? 

by on December 16, 2010

Q: I was wondering if someone could give me an idea or point me in the right direction of who to ask about this. I am trying find out how much my Alienware Aurora desktop computer is worth. It has Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.20 GHz 3.19 GHz and 1.00 of RAM. It also has Windows [XP] Home Edition 2002. I know this computer was made by Alienware and not by Dell but I’m unsure when it was made? Any info would be great, thanks guys.


How do I restore the data from my Windows XP computer to my Vista computer via Norton 360? 

by on December 8, 2010

Q: I have two laptops, Toshiba Satellites one XP the other Vista. The XP broke down and the screen is black, HD is OK. I used Norton 360 for back up. I have Norton 360 in both computers. How do I restore the data from my XP to my Vista computer via Norton 360?

I went to Vista computer and run back up, but it only backs up from its own data, not from XP computer. I have the same ID and password for both, I thought everything is backed up somewhere for both computers under my ID and password. I don’t know what to do.


Why does my laptop only use half the screen but works fine for a while after reinstall? 

by on December 6, 2010

Q: The screen on my laptop is shrunk to half and the other half is black. I tried reinstalling windows and after reinstalling it becomes normal but then again pretty soon it becomes half again… Since it’s normal right after installing windows I assume it’s not display’s fault ( at least no 100% ) but I couldn’t fix anyway besides reinstalling windows…
do you guys have any idea what’s going and if it’s possible to fix it ?

i have windows xp



What does DDE Server Window mean when shutting down Windows XP? 

by on December 2, 2010

Q: What does DDE Server Window mean when shutting down Windows XP?


Why does Windows XP go to a blank screen when I try to activate my key? 

by on December 2, 2010

Q: My computer wont activate windows when I hit the activate now key it goes to blank screen. How can I fix it it? I am using Windows XP.


Why does Windows XP tell me software that has been installed for a while is new? 

by on November 30, 2010

Q: Over the last number of months my OS (XP) says that I have installed new programs. The problem is that the programs highlited are ones that have been on the computer for a while. This time it was probably about 80% of the programs showing as new. What could be causing this? I’m pretty sure I have some security issues. Any suggestions?


How come when I go play a game I hear a clicking sound and my screen goes dark? 

by on November 21, 2010

Q: I have just had to reboot my comp because of a virus. I have Windows XP 32 ready for 64.

Every time I go to play a game that I have either added by disc or downloaded, I hear a clicking sound and the screen goes dark.

I have rechecked for viruses nothing there. What is my problem?


How can I transfer my software from a Windows XP computer to a new Windows Vista computer? 

by on November 21, 2010

Q: I have Windows XP on my computer and am going to get a new computer with Windows Vista. Is there software that will clone ALL my installed software to new computer? or what would you recommend?