Is it true that installing VirtualBox could cause windows to become unstable? 

by on January 1, 2011

Q: I tried to install a program called virtualbox and windows halted the installation and recommend strongly that I not install it because sometime in the future my windows operating system could become unstable and cease working, whats your opinion? any advice?


How can I run windows apps on a Dell laptop running Linux? 

by on December 2, 2010

Q: How can I run windows apps on a Dell laptop running Linux?


Why does my computer start up with a gray screen? 

by on November 16, 2010

Q: For the second time as I start my computer the screen remains gray. I have to pull the plug out and put it back in again after which Windows will start. But I get the message that Windows did not start successfully. A recent hardware or software change may have caused this. My question is what could be causing this?


Is it possible to download a program for PC on a Mac? 

by on November 11, 2010

Q: Is it possible to download a program for PC on a Mac, and burn it to CD for installation on a PC?


What does a RUNDLL error mean? 

by on November 10, 2010

Q: Could you please explain what this Error Message means after I have started my computer:

X Error loading

Is this an essential program or what does it stand for? If it is not a necessary program, how can I get rid of or delete the message so it does not pop up every time I turn on my computer?


How come my computer only shows me information about my computer but never boots into Windows? 

by on November 4, 2010

Q: When I turn on my Dell Inspiron laptop it acts like it’s going to start by showing the Dell logo, then it goes to a black screen with information about the computer on it and it wont go away. What do I do?


What is the best windows executable to Mac converter? 

by on November 2, 2010

Q: What is the best windows executable to Mac converter?


Is there anyway to change the language on a computer from Portuguese to English? 

by on October 31, 2010

Q: I got this computer and it has Portuguese on it. I was wondering how to get it back to English.


How come I keep getting a message saying Data Already In Use? 

by on October 16, 2010

Q: I recently set up a second user account on my PC and now I get a message on both accounts saying “Data Already In Use. The data required by Compaq Connections is still engaged by [the other user]. Do you wish to proceed here, shutting down the other session?”

This box appears even though I close all programs and log off before switching to the other account.

How do I stop this dialog box from popping up?


How come when I start up my computer I am getting an Open With box? 

by on October 6, 2010

Q: When I start up my hp g60 laptop a window pops up saying open with… I have opened it with MS Word and it says things like

Interface list
IPv4 route table
active routes
things of that nature.

My questions are 1. what caused this to happen? 2. How do I make it not pop up? and 3. Is it doing anything harmful to my computer